We set out to not just be a ‘less bad’ alcohol choice, but we wanted to actually use real, all natural ingredients. Like a lot of people, we like to drink and have fun on Friday nights, but we are busy and like to feel good and be sharp minded on Saturday morning.

The Masq Story

We studied ingredients in current alcohol beverages. As it turns out, many negative side effects (weight gain, bloated feeling, hangover) are not just a result of the alcohol, but a result of the other ingredients - sugars, gluten, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, etc. So we created something better.

We started with the most consumed beverage in the world – tea. We selected Yerba Mate (an herbal tea) packed with antioxidants and several benefits that we urge people to explore themselves.

We want to be a fun brand, easy to drink, promote an active lifestyle. Masq can be enjoyed while hiking, playing pool games, etc. Unlike beer, wine or liquor it does not give you a lethargic, full, tired feeling!

4 Distinct Flavors!

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